Friday, June 15, 2007

the last update!

we hope...

if you missed stewbert's comments, the prior updates are as follows:

6/11: "FYI: Mamabear is at the hospital. She's been admitted for preeclampsia observation. They are hoping to wait until next Monday (6/18) to deliver baby girl, but if her blood pressure goes up or her proteinuria increases, they'll be inducing ASAP. She's okay right now, though. :) "

3:44 PM

6/13: "FYI: Mamabear and babybear did so well, they sent her home today with no plans to induce anytime soon. Hopefully she'll come and post an update soon."

9:33 PM

6/15: Today's update is by me! i know y'all appreciate that. saw OB AGAIN. had ANOTHER NST. and they made a plan that has a definite point! i will be back to the office on Monday (for ANOTHER NST), whereupon they will phone the hospital and ask when i can be induced per their schedule; should be Mon. or Tues! so this will be the last update until the announcement/birth story! yes, i'm excited; yes, i'm MUCH less frustrated than i was Wed. when they sent me home with a plan that was very much iffy-in-the-air.

i'm also sure DH is thrilled to know exactly what to plan for work, too! thanks for all your well-wishes - keep the prayers coming!


Alana said...

I'm glad they are removing your parasite..I do not, however, envy you the pitocin you will be receiving. *shudder*
I hope that as soon as she is bornded they give you a cookie. I know you want a cookie.

MamaBear said...

i'm taking my OWN cookies to the hospital! a bag of double-stuft chocolate oreos. and MILK! i can drink all i want! (too many carbs right now to drink quantities.)

i've been coping with fig newtons, but they're way too popular; i eat 2 or 3, and somebody else finishes the bag. GR.