Thursday, June 07, 2007

inspired by dooce

if you're not reading her yet, you're missing out.

so i'm reading dooce's blog today, and she's talking about sending her daughter to preschool, and how they hyped it up and up and up so as to make the transition as easy as possible.

and i remember how EAGER #2 son was to go to school. we didn't have to hype it; he was so anxious, we had to jump through hoops for six months to get him let in a year early. because he could not wait another year, no he could not. we DID talk about learning to read regularly, however (which they do in kindergarten here, so yup, my son learned to read at age 4!).

and then he came home from school every day for probably the first week, but it felt like the first month, exasperated b/c "I didn't learn to read again TODAY!" he thought it was an overnight process, and it probably seems like one in retrospect.

life was simpler then, when what we wanted was going to happen when we wanted it, wasn't it?


stewbert said...

FYI: Mamabear is at the hospital. She's been admitted for preeclampsia observation. They are hoping to wait until next Monday (6/18) to deliver baby girl, but if her blood pressure goes up or her proteinuria increases, they'll be inducing ASAP. She's okay right now, though. :)

stewbert said...

FYI: Mamabear and babybear did so well, they sent her home today with no plans to induce anytime soon. Hopefully she'll come and post an update soon.