Monday, June 04, 2007

have i told you lately?

have i griped lately about how miserable i am? if i'd PLANNED this pregnancy, i'd be cursing myself out hoursly. it hurts to walk, to stand, to move. don't mind the testing, but hate the insulin needles (although one good thing about saddlebags is they don't have lots of nerves so i use them when i can).

however, got my lame butt to church yesterday, and every time someone would ask "is it a boy or a girl?" i would BEAM and say "it's a girl!" gotta remember that one... i'm that happy about having a daughter, just gotta hit that happy button hard and often.

i'm sick of showing the house already. everybody says nasty things - because we LIVE here. there's stuff everywhere! (no, there isn't; you should've seen it before. it's very tidy and organized at this point.) it's filthy! (same story.) it's dark and dated! (don't know what house they were looking at when they said that.)

somebody will come down the road and fall in love and everything will work out fine. really.

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