Monday, November 23, 2009

who doesn't love ladybugs?

when we moved to our home in Lewisville in August 2002, the house had evidence of prior ladybug infestation - lots of yellowed dead shells in window sills etc. we moved from that house 6 years later and had never had a problem with ladybugs.

the house on hassle street (one disaster after another) had some ladybugs when we moved in late september. as the weather cooled, they came inside, and even when they're in your hair and on your ceilings and everywhere, you feel bad for them because they're dying and so cute. LOTS of dead ladybugs right now, and they've been around obviously for 2 months.

my Sweet Precious Darling Lolly has started preschool and LOVES the eensy-weensy spider song. we sing it regularly. today i was singing it to her, and got to the spider climbing up the spout again, when she interrupted and said it was a LADYBUG! i love watching her little mind work.

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