Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my week

oh my.

before i start whining, i must say that my last 3 years have been one crisis after another, and i'm ready for all that to be over with. can we all just tell the universe to comply? thanks.

but it isn't ALL whining. a week ago today, LaLa started preschool. it's one morning a week and she LOVES it. no separation anxiety, nothing. and she's never been left this long - babysitting is RARE, and she's alone here with no one she knows. immediate transition. *sigh* woke up late today and went right in, no hesitation. and she is ANGELA now, tyvm, at least when she's at school. calls herself Lolly the rest of the time.

#1 son got his report card also last Tuesday. he failed two classes and has become my slave and bond servant until the marks come up. the 3 years of stress haven't been easy on any of us.

both sons have whined their way out of 8-10 days of school before the first term ended. #1 doesn't do his makeup work, doesn't hand his homework in reliably, and thus failed two classes. that is the entire reason.

so he got a couple of tongue-lashings and is now my laundry dude. because he's grounded from computer until at least december, so he may as well spend his time productively.

#2 son has been fighting a urinary tract infection for MONTHS. so i got him in to see a pediatric urologist friday. their take on the sitch is that he likely NEVER had an INFECTION. but he doesn't drink enough. we're doing further workup with x-rays and ultrasounds, but pushing fluids. he also has always had a problem with constipation which can place pressure on the bladder and make it irritable (thus the pain), so we're pushing fluids AND exercise. going back to duke this friday to get scans.

DH wants to go to philadelphia for christmas but the plan as it stands is simply un-doable for me. no deets, sorry, i'll get too irritated. he says he doesn't understand but he often says that when he doesn't WANT to understand.

so, my schedule was to work last week. to take off tues/wed and work sat/sun. guess when i remembered? sunday at 2 p.m. while running errands. got home at 4 and crashed (errands can wear a girl out!). groveled monday. working this weekend. so my penance for not working last weekend is to get 2 days off immediately - today and tomorrow! wild.

and how could i forget? my october weekend was later because of our trip in early oct. for nephew's wedding. then we've been swamped and i've worked on weekend days i wasn't scheduled. so it was too soon in my mind for another weekend. and with the week i had, keeping myself going at ALL was next to impossible.

so. good news? we didn't burn the full 100 gallons of fuel oil this month and can afford to eat for the next month! whee! (i'm ordering more while i'm feeling good about it because we KNOW we'll burn it up before spring.)

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Kim said...

Wow, LaLa in preschool?!? Awesome!!

Your DH *snort* I better not start.

J failed two classes also. I also busted her smoking this AM (well I am SURE I did, but I am not POSITIVE). K also failed a couple classes, but his school is stupid if he has a cough he can't attend. STUPID!