Tuesday, November 10, 2009

selfless postings

i know. it's hard to believe how selfless i am. i share because i care. and also because it gets me MULTIPLE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES in the giveaways. (it's clear i've been reading Seriously, So Blessed, from its influence on my post today. enjoy, and thank TAMN!)


today's giveaway: Southern Magnolia Minerals (that's the giveaway linky). their website (that's the link to it) is GAWJUSS, and i'm excited about trying some of their stuff. [warning - it will PLAY MUSIC AT YOU. i hate that.]

my face could use a break, and some new makeup is just the break it needs, right? i know. many of my family sells Mary Kay and i used to but i just couldn't SELL 24/7/365 and putting on makeup EVERY DAY? bummer. i hate sales because i have to be ON and i have to give up my family time. *sigh* but the point was, they won't try it, probably. but my loyal followers deserve to read this, right? i'm so fractious today, i apologize.

so i'll be getting me a starter kit if i don't win it, and i'll blog again about how it works! (better than blogging about DH's birthday, which i totally dropped the ball on, i know. shut up. luv u!)

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