Wednesday, November 14, 2007

weather changes

seems like we had hot and steamy FOREVER; that being the nature of the South, i didn't complain. much. finally it broke, and has been cool for a week or two.

#1 son has decided this is soup weather. every time i ask him what we should have for a meal, he says SOUP. stocked up on progresso and chunky campbell's, and he loves those.

this week, we have made soup twice. steak and two-potato soup from a southern living cookbook, hearty and comforting; and a chili recipe my mom found in a mystery novel, simple but filling. what will it be next week? possibly WHITE chili, with chicken and cannelini beans. another southern living find, another mmm-mmm delish!

today we're up to 70 again, but the highs are below 60 for the most part, so it's soup weather!

--- was this a good break from my rhapsodizing about baby? hope you're happy, b/c i'm sure that's going to occupy my mind for the most part for some time to come! ---

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