Wednesday, November 28, 2007

dreams again

so, i keep having this dream that Brad Pitt is leaving Angelina Jolie for me... i know, crazy! i mean, crazy that i should be dreaming about them in the first place; i'm clearly the superior physical specimen.

couldn't even type that without ROFLMAO!

so, last night, i dreamed i was married to Tom Cruise (nothing sexual in that, trust me), and he moved Penelope Cruz in as his other girlfriend. this does not seem strange behavior for TC, let me add. she had a debit card on our account, which was no larger than it is now. and right after i got paid, she went out and spent $1100 on this card. (nobody had any money in this dream.) i was paralyzed in the dream, couldn't think what to do. i finally confronted her, and she was what's the big deal? i was yelling how our mortgage was going to bounce, the house would be repossessed, didn't she care about ANYTHING?

and finally i started having rational thought in the dream, like, WHAT AM I DOING HERE? there is no way i'm putting up with this shit!

then the house burned down.

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stewbert said...

*snort* that's hilarious.