Thursday, November 15, 2007


ok, hopefully not really.

in an effort to keep kids' homework current AND get a little exercise, i have commenced this week picking them up from school instead of riding the bus. thus, they can DOUBLE-check their homework is coming home BEFORE leaving school. i'm parking across the street at the square/park, and walking; we're hoping to get to play at the park before going home most days. i'm actually feeling the effects from that little bit of walking, too; weird!

that's the theory, anyway. Monday they were out for Veterans' Day. Tuesday went well, but it was starting to rain, and we went to get flu shots instead of playing at the park and keeping moving. due to special activities, #2 son did not have homework, and his is the problem that has reached crisis state, and made me initate this change.

Wednesday, i arrived on time. #1 son was waiting for me. #2 son was nowhere to be found. checked the office, checked with his teacher, she thought he probably had gotten on the bus in error, though SHE knew he was to be a "car rider." when i got home, he was at the neighbor's (default when i'm not there when he's a bus rider). when asked when he did not go to the car line, he said, "I didn't have a note today."

you can 'splain and 'splain things, and still your children will make you want to beat your head against a brick wall.

so, not much homework this week or next. let's hope #2 son understands what being a car rider FROM NOW ON means before i start pounding those bricks to dust. and i'm getting moving, which is a baby step to being more fit!

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Alana said...

meh..excercise is very overrated.