Sunday, November 25, 2007

me vs DH

Who eats more? me, but i'm cutting back
Who said "I love you" first? definitely me
Who weighs more? sadly, me again
Who sings better? me again!
Who’s older? finally, DH!
Who’s smarter? toss-up - we've always felt about equal
Whose temper is worse? i think DH, but he'd probably say me. when i get pissed off, i do a good job of it. but it takes a lot these days to push me there.
Who does the laundry? mostly me, some DH; i actually just started some.
Who does the dishes? kids do the dishwasher, mostly DH does the pots and pans; i do a little bit
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me again!
Who plays golf better? oh, that would be DH; i haven't the patience. i enjoy a par-3 course/chip & putt type deal, only takes a couple of hours.
Who’s better with the computer? neither of us is VERY techie, but i developed my skills earlier, so i guess i win!
Who pays the bills? me, when they get paid...
Who cooks dinner? mostly me, since his commute grew to 3 hours daily. but i let him help on the weekends.
Who drives when you are together? mostly me; we both love to drive, and he gets plenty in with that commute!
Who pays when you go out to dinner? it's a joint account, but whoever has their wallet ready to hand; usually me.
Who is the most stubborn? tie game!
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? well, neither of us is ever wrong. it's very hard to resolve a conflict this way!
Whose parents do you see more? i'd call this a tie, too, it's all infrequent. only DH's dad passed many years ago, so if you count two sightings for my two parents, and only one for his, i would win.
Who named your pet? #1 son!
Who kissed who first? DH - i could never make the "first move."
Who asked who out? DH asked for my number, was very slow in asking/calling. after the first date, i had to steal a magazine from him to get him to call again (i was at his house with his sister). but that got things rolling.
Who’s more sensitive? we might each claim title to this...
Who’s taller? DH
Who has more friends? our current friends are equal/joint, and we've left a lot behind in our many moves that we would each still consider friends. so probably another tie.
Who has more siblings? DH - he has SEVEN, i only have FIVE.
Who wears the pants in the relationship? oh, me. b/c i always get what i want - eventually. i let DH think he does, and i let him think he wants the same things i do. :D

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