Friday, October 05, 2007

where i've been

i just noticed i hadn't posted in days; further, hadn't had much to say. this is highly unusual for me. (surprise!)

i came down with the family cold finally on Friday last. it's been through the family, and now it's my turn. i'm AMAZED to be feeling better today. i cannot remember the last time i caught a cold and cleared it on my own without it becoming bacterial/infected and needing treatment with antibiotics. let's hear it for immune systems!

i've had the putrid sore throat that makes you want to scream, but you know that will only hurt worse, so you don't. i think LaLa has that; she gets fussy, and cries and cries. then i give her Tylenol and she feels better. she's not too stuffy and we've had the vaporizer running most of the time. i'm sure that helps both of us.

i'm so stoked that i'm getting well without getting much worse first. this cold is bad enough without becoming bacterial/bronchitis/sinus infection/all of the above!

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