Thursday, October 25, 2007

family pictures

Lifetouch does a church directory, and we were due for a new one (every 3 years). so we went and got our photo made Tuesday night.

it's exhausting. i will never take pictures at the end of the day again.

they were running behind, so by the time it was our turn, LaLa had had it. #2 son was antsy and kept shifting, and making bunny ears. #1 son was very good. DH and i bickered.

we all wore (dark) red b/c DaBoyz like that color a lot, and we all look good in it (well, i don't look terrific, but i like it anyway). got LaLa a lovely little Christmas plaid dress at Once Upon a Child (my new favorite place) - for $3.50.

she was spitting up all day. big spit-up just before time to get dressed. so we hopped in the shower and got clean. DH wasn't home yet so i went in in my undies, let #1 son take her from me and dry her off. while i was drying off and putting on clean/dry underwear, she spit up all over herself again. so DH wrapped her in a towel and off we went with her dress in hand. DH gets anxious when it's time to leave for such things and was nagging me. (the source of the bickering.) i put my makeup on anyway; dark red looks best if i have a face to go with.

so we got the poses, took forever, b/c LaLa was fascinated with her new dress and the ribbons attached, wouldn't look up. she generally has chin-to-chest-itis anyway. but it takes LOTS of concentration to play with those ribbons, mom! then they took us to the computer to pick poses to pay for. (we get a "free" 8x10 and church directory, anything else we have to pay [through the nose] for.)

this was the worst part. i actually nursed LaLa while we looked at poses. she was exhausted, hungry, i was exhausted. so we picked christmas cards, b/c they were cheaper than buying wallets to enclose. and the boys were rambunctious and DH wouldn't discipline and i was losing my hair that hadn't turned gray... DH wanted a shot for his mom, only $25 for one print. gr.

and i don't look like myself AT ALL. if the camera adds 10 pounds, so does looking in the mirror, b/c i look much bigger than i really am. and smiling adds wrinkles and i certainly don't have any of those.

my inner image of myself isn't stuck at 18, but it sure hasn't made it up to 37 yet. *sigh*

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