Saturday, December 11, 2004

north carolina

I LOVE North Carolina! Good thing, since I've moved here twice. Today is December 11, two weeks until Christmas. As I drove down the road today, a whole flock of red-breasted robins rose off the street in front of me where they had been eating some spilled food. This is where the birds fly south to!

The only problem is people who get all excited about the S-word since they don't see it very often. *sigh*

We went to the mall today for DH's secret Santa for work. Getting out was a nightmare! There's a reason we avoid this like the plague! It took nearly half an hour to get out of the mall parking lot, and that because I doubled back to a less-popular entrance. Never again.

The boys are in the church's Christmas pageant tomorrow! I'm sure that will be noteworthy.

Until then, I remain
Deep in Thought

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