Thursday, December 09, 2004


thought for the day is bras. why is it so hard to find enough that fit right to last you through the week? even if you find one you like, you'll never get another just like it... the best ones rotate the fastest back to the laundry hamper, and then you're stuck wearing the ones that pinch. the 38's fit in the cups and the 36's in the band... it's either not close enough all the way around or pinching on the sides. what's a girl to do?

wouldn't it be great if we didn't sag to our knees without them, too? after kids, they've never been the same. well, at least i still got 'em, right?

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Anonymous said...

so i didn't really want my own blogger thing becuase i already have an unused website, so i'm posting anonymously. well not really because this dearest sara. i did want to tell you mamabear that a) i've missed you b) i'm sorry about the pinchy bras c) i've found that duck tape works great. no im kidding i don't use it. i just like to not wear them at all. but then there is the whole going out in public thing and you can only wear baggy sweaters with just so many outfits. its a dilema. i am gratdul that corsets arent somthing we are expected to wear anymore. i think it was quite generous of society to cut us that much slack. but anyway. i love you and i hope your new job works out for you.