Monday, December 13, 2004

credit cards. feh.

I called this morning to activate a credit card. Has anyone ever had trouble doing this? I remembered to use the landline, and even went to the phone whose buttons work best. Dialed in. punched in numbers. waited for 5 minutes to be "confirmed", whereupon I was disconnected.

So, I redialed, reentered the 16-digit number, and waited. Now an operator in India answers the phone. (What's with this India thing? Aren't there enough people who need work in America? We've GOTTA stop sending our jobs overseas.) He says, what is account number? I start reading it, and he immediately puts me on hold (after 4 digits); he wasn't ready for the account number when he asked for it!

Finally get it all read off when he was finally ready. He says, please wait for confirmation. Then he starts trying to sell me other options - is there anything else I can do for you today? I'm like, you COULD finish what I called for here! I only said, is it confirmed?

credit cards. feh. I only activated the D*** thing today because I wanted to make a car reservation with its discount.

Let's see how Hertz treats me this morning...

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