Wednesday, December 08, 2004

08-12-04 back to school!

if i had a blog, this is what it would say today.
today was the first day of a routine going to school. woke the boys up, argued with tyler over whether i was allowed to wake him up, threatened him with earlier bedtime, made him stop whining. asked gabe if he would like to take a shower - i know, poor word choice - and when he said no, told him wrong answer.

sent boys to brush teeth. picked clothes for small one. set water temp for large one. delegated breakfast feeding to hairy one. took my own shower. ran downstairs and got boys to turn TV off (hairy one didn't realize that it's a bad thing on school mornings and let small one turn it on). grabbed a cheese stick (on toothpaste breath - yuck!) and started nagging them about shoes.

had daily fight with tyler over why he had to wear the shoes that fit and not the ones that have velcro straps (two sizes too small, but "they don't either pinch"). [note to self: pick up stretchy shoe laces so he can do up his own damn shoes.]

got boys in van without them arguing about putting on backpacks first. yes! remembered videos that have to go back. drove to school. traffic a nightmare, 10 minutes before bell. plenty of time. parked at post office and walked. plenty of time. yes! have to put backpacks on properly now. i don't argue. everyone's happy. yes!ran into other kids we knew on the way in; not in gabe's class this year, pity.

very foggy morning; saw a large spiderweb spanning the sidewalk covered in dew, high up so it hadn't been broken. cool.left gabe in his room at the top of the stairs, ran down stairs with tyler. he wanted to go first, annoyed with me when i went ahead of him (but he's slow!). (yeah, i'm not always a good mommy.) waited for him, let him into class ahead of me. let another mommy out of the room; by the time i go in, tyler's in the back of the room, putting backpack away. he's so ready for this.

finds a seat, asks if he can play with some girls. not a doubt in his mind that he belongs. what a kid. how did he come out of me?

check in with TA. teacher is running late. i stay until she gets there. help with kids; this is first full kindergarten day. find seats, help find something to do, get focused. one boy wants to play point fingers and shoot; remind him not to do this. he's going to be a handful for the teachers. good class, very ready to come in, sit down, learn.

Ms. Bujan runs in, says she forgot to turn on alarm, and this (of course) was the only day her husband has _ever_ forgotten to check whether she did. Murphy strikes again!

finally out of school. didn't really want to leave, but tyler hardly notices i'm there. checked in with office, since i'll be helping out a couple of mornings each week, to get badge instead of temporary one each time. Finally back across dewy lawn to post office where van is. drive to blockbusters. not open. Carol insisted that i return these videos personally, not to a slot, so i'll have to come back after 10. we're having lunch later for her birthday, so i'll do it before we go out. fine. i can handle this.

back home. Finally get some caffeine!!! now i'm awake. but the fake crystal light OJ is reacting with my digestion and i'm spending my morning in the john. argh. maybe some time i'll get to work.

might be interesting to keep a blog. i don't know if i care if anybody ever visits, but it's a way to keep a journal when i feel the urge. thoughts?

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