Thursday, April 02, 2009


who loves the dentist? don't everybody shout at once!

i've never minded going. i'm 39, i've had 3 fillings. i could've prevented only one if i flossed.

now, who flosses every day? again, don't deafen me?

this is between two back teeth, and it has given me problems since it was first filled. the filling broke (bad dentist), i had it fixed, and the tooth has remained somewhat sensitive. i felt plenty of guilt b/c if i would floss, it would never have happened. and i keep trying to resolve to floss more often (twice a year is a LOT!). but it doesn't happen.

well, i went in yesterday for a cleaning, no worries, figured no cavities.

the tooth NEXT TO the one with the old filling now has a cavity on the surface facing the filling.

damn it. i REALLY have to start flossing! it's just a little cavity, minor fix. but if you've ever had back teeth worked on, it's really uncomfortable. and i'm so dang MAD!

now, who's going to start flossing after hearing my experience? yeah, that's what i thought.


Gwydion's mama said...

That's my resolution every year. I'm good for a week or two and then one night of not flossing throws me off. I'm glad it was only a tiny cavity and not something worse.

Kim said...

I have to tell you. After I read your blog, I went out and got those flossers on the stick thing. I have been religious about flossing every night now.

Yeah before I flossed when I remembered, it was the whole string around the finger fingers in mouth thing *gag*.

MamaBear said...

fabulous kim! i have flossed every day since the filling. my jaw is still sore 9 days later. and i'm VERY proud of sticking to it!