Thursday, April 02, 2009

panic button

so, while i was typing my LAST entry, LaLa managed to get herself in a fix.

she had a pen i had found in an OLD box. it's probably 17 years old. roller ball, still works, no worries.

well, i looked at her 1 minute later and her lips are navy, her tongue is navy, and she doesn't have the pen anymore.

apparently the seal broke and her chewing the pen got ink all over her mouth.

YES, i called poison control. immediately. (scrubbed her with wipies as best i could first.) i was ON HOLD for 5 minutes. i wasn't worried about immediate effects, just whether i had to take action. imagine being on hold for 5 minutes if she'd ingested something scarier! just wow.

so, they said, yes, pens are toxic. no, there's not enough of the bad ingredients in a WHOLE PEN CARTRIDGE to worry about. even in a 25-pound toddler.

however, she will look like a maori for a week. pix to follow!

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Kerry said...

That is so incredibly scary that poison controll would put you on hold, especially for that long. What if someone had called because their child ingested someting more dangerous? That's like 911 putting you on hold! I'm glad she's okay.