Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i swore i'd never do this. i couldn't even think about it b/c of the expense. but...

the back story: DH borrowed The Omnivore's Dilemma from a guy at work who read it in a book club. he read it and passed it to me, has recommended it to my veggie aunt, and we both recommend it highly. (click the link for more deets than i can give)

it is a book about the industrialization of our food supply and how terrible it is ecologically. also presents alternative sources but doesn't preach. still, reading how our food is raised, and how the industrial and political controls it, rather than nutritional or ecological, we have changed our purchasing pattern already, and we plan more improvements.

the goal is to eat local foods whenever you can. organic local is best. but if your organic food has to travel far to reach you, it has wasted the ecological benefit in fuel consumption. you will never want to eat a chain hamburger again after reading this book - and that's a healthier change already!

we have changed our dairy and produce purchasing and are working on meat (baby steps). when we eat local and organic food several days in a row, i can tell the difference in how i feel. deleting hormones from your diet can make a huge difference! extra hormones just aren't good for us - especially those of us who battle depression!


Gwydion's mama said...

Good for you! All of you! We have been trying the same thing after reading jane Goodall's Harvest for Hope but it is slow, painful and expensive. We started cutting transfats, then high fructose corn syrup (except for the occasional Coke). Organic veggies we can do, but the meat is soooo pricey! We'd go veggie, but my kids don't eat beans. Gwydion won't even eat any food that is mixed together, like a casserole.

Anyway, sorry to highjack your comments section, but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone and well, you rock! :)

Kerry said...

That is awesome! We try to eat as organic as posible. It's not always easy but we defiantely try.