Monday, May 21, 2007

update again

well, it's never a dull moment, anyway!

i got my glucose test kit wednesday. i called friday b/c the numbers were consistently high (over 200 frequently, with 120 being the goal) and i wanted to know if i should do anything differently before monday. so they put me on insulin. (another doctor visit, more prescriptions!)

it's no fun pricking your fingers for levels and shooting insulin into your fat rolls all day every day. but we do what we have to. the hardest part, worse than the shots, is the COST! it was $50 for test strips and lancets, and $100 for insulin and needles. they'll likely be increasing my dose gradually, and i can't afford that, either!

plus i've used all my PTO to cover time i used to clean house and doctor appointments. how the heck are we going to manage having a BABY?

well, i'm looking forward to feeling less tired and more energetic. everybody i say that to says they want some of what i'm getting. i'm like, no, you really don't. even a test addict (when trying to conceive, we call ourselves pee-on-a-stick addicts, or POAS for short) like myself got sick of pricking fingers after three days. it's still kinda cool to get the results in 5 seconds flat.

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