Thursday, May 17, 2007

the headless chicken

(don't ask why it's a "thursday" update, just accept it...)

got up, force-fed Da Boyz, got them off to school, as i do every day.

then, i got a shower (no more stinky mom! woohoo!). go to head out and the car wouldn't start. it's got a glitch in the ignition and doesn't always. after i turned the key 20+ times, it finally caught. start your day with a bowl of STRESS, why don'tcha?

went to pick up #1 son from school to go to the psychologist, where he had testing for an hour. kept falling asleep while waiting - or at least tried, but wasn't comfy enough and my skirt wouldn't stay down... plus i got a call that my house would show at 5:30. Son was a little fried after all that, so i took him with me to Sam's for our usual run, to give him a short break before returning to school.

dropped off the food, dropped off the kid, returned home and had lunch. felt like splurging, so i hit McDonald's. they got my order wrong and gave me a Big Mac. i truly hate them (as you may remember!), but had to eat, so i did.

clocked in, tried to work. kept falling asleep. finally gave up (over an hour on one report) and took a nap.

then the kids get home from school. we all ran around tidying the place up for 20 minutes and headed to my OB appt.

where they asked me if i'd gotten a call about failing my one-hour glucose test. due to my other stresses (like getting the house ready to show, exhaustion and pain whenever i did anything, etc.), i did not have time to go for a longer test (they call it 3-hour, but it takes 4 hours), and i wouldn't have had the mental energy to face the diet anyway. so i didn't do it.

so when i said, yeah, i got the call, but i didn't go for the test, they asked me why, and i explained. they said, your one-hour is so high, and you have 4+ sugar in your urine, you don't need the test, just start the diet and the monitor TODAY. then they explained Erb's syndrome and that permanent birth defects CAN occur even now. to which i said, ok, i'll do what you tell me!

the first thing they told me to do was to wait until the diabetic educator could meet with me and learn what i needed to do. great. still have to clean house. learned how to sample blood, how NOT to dispose of sharp (gashed thumb open), and how to adjust my diet this week. 3:40 appt., finally left at 5:00.

got home at 5:10, still had to tidy kitchen and baths. got kids working, started wiping things down. we were going to a church potluck to keep us busy while the showing took place. as we were finishing up (just in time), #1 son threw the duster up in the stairwell to try to get some of the high cobwebs, and broke the lamp.

so we cleaned up glass and left at 5:40.

after the dinner was a talent show. i was exhausted and left early. DH met us at church at 6:45 (he got home early!) and had dinner, wrapped things up after i left.

came home and crashed. exhaustion is a symptom of gestational diabetes. can i blame it all on that? only time will tell. but my sugars are really bad - fasting this morning was over 160.

further bulletins as events warrant. i'm working as long as i can stay awake today!


stewbert said...

Hey, girl, you gotta do the diet. Check your sugars, stick with the diet, and call me or DisGrace if you get frustrated or need support.

Love you.

And the more I learn about GDM, the more I realize my doctor with Kidlet was an idiot -- didn't suggest I have a 3-hour, i never had sugar in my urine, and they never once had me check my own fingersticks. Idiots. Be GLAD your doc's office is so proactive about it!!!!

Alana said...

ick ick ick.. sorry you have to do all this crap!