Tuesday, May 29, 2007

one more "kids today"

my mom tells me stories about when SHE was a kid. my grandma was a smoker, and mom was riding in the cart, when grandma threw packs of cigarettes into it. mom saw the cigarettes disappear into her mother's mouth, so she figured she ate them. mom proceeded to eat two or more packs of cigarettes before getting to checkout.

do you think they took her to the EMERGENCY ROOM? i don't think they even took her to the doctor. and she was sick.

so, i'm typing this report, where a 2-year-old gets a piece of nicotine gum dad had already chewed, and swallows it. they rush her to the emergency room. for one bitty piece that the drugs were probably already chewed out of.

do we spoil our kids? yes. is it maybe sometimes a good idea? well, heck yeah! i'd at least have called Poison Control myself. but it is a sharp contrast, close to 60 years later.

PS: Mom says she was in the backseat of the car, actually, and it may have only been one pack of cigarettes. Nonetheless - she didn't get any medical attention, and she didn't ever smoke a cigarette herself. Great deterrent - let's feed butts to ALL kids!

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