Tuesday, April 24, 2007

date night

yes, shocking! it had been 6 months, so i figured we were due. set it up and forced DH out of the house w/o his boys. (bwa-hahahaha!)

we went to Olive Garden b/c _I_ had set things up, so i decided i got to choose, too.

and we picked PROM night to go out. so the wait was quoted at 35 minutes but was closer to an hour. i knew if we went to O.G. we'd wait, so i was OK with that. guilted some folks into giving me a seat. and watched the fashion show! it was actually pretty fun!

there were gorgeous dresses, gorgeous bodies, some together, some not. there were a couple of girls i must assume were sisters, next to each other and their dates, who were ginormous and their dresses were poorly fitting. felt bad for them. everyone should feel pretty on prom night! (well over 300 lb. each, ginormous!)

and there were the truly gorgeous creatures who were clinging to their homeboy dates - ball caps and checkered ties, sneakers to boot! go figure.

had fun people-watching, had a wonderful dinner (except i couldn't have a bellini). waitress dumped a glass of tea on our table so we got free dessert! then we rented some movies and went home.

which movies, you ask? the devil wears prada, the pursuit of happyness, and Zoom! for the boys. haven't seen happyness yet, but prada was lotsa fun! gabe really enjoyed it.

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