Wednesday, April 11, 2007

another reason

to hate modern fashion!

i have an angel, a senior in high school, who is helping clean and organize my house so i can put it on the market. she's sweet and works very hard.

she was telling me her brother grabbed her "muffin top" so hard she thought he was going to rip it off. my reply was "what's a muffin top?" it's a much cuter way to refer to one's love handles than the latter term, almost an affectionate term.

i was talking to SIL later about this, and said, what's up with ALL the girls having this lately? are they all just turning into apple shapes, not pears? i've never had as much trouble with my middle as my butt and hips, b/c i'm a pear. this is a trend i've noticed over several years.

and SIL said she'd wondered the same thing, but finally figured out...

it's the super tight, low-slung jeans, that shove any excess up above the waist and make the "muffin top." fashion makes us look worse than we already did! argh!

well, we can't all have halle berry's figure. so we shouldn't wear her clothes! but just TRY to buy jeans that aren't cut like that.

anyway... that's my rant for the day.

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Alana said...

it will make you happy to hear that rumaor has it waistlines will be higher next season...
Know what I hate about the low slung waistline? That even CHILDRENS jeans have them! HELLO! my 6 year old does NOT need her ass crack hanging out thankyouverymuch. I had to resor to buying Lizzie little low waisted underpants so she didnt lookk like a 13 year old boy with her drawers 6 inches above the waist of her pants!