Friday, January 29, 2010

oh-oh, play doh!

i bought lolly some play-doh a while back for a road trip. not the best plan, but i didn't find much that would be entertaining. fortunately, she loves to draw right now and we never opened them. we got home for ANOTHER road trip tuesday and when we brought everything in from the car, she saw this. so she has been playing with play-doh for 2.5 days.

she is a hoot. she mixes all of the colors together (maddening when i want to play, funny since i don't. much) and cuts them up like an apple with the "sharp knife" that came with the kit. it's a seaside kit, 3 colors, 1 pot of "sand"-textured play-doh, some shapes and other stuff.

it's already almost brown from mixing. she's making birthday cake now. and she will NOT put them away and cries if i do. she'll have to learn that play-doh dries out the hard way, i'm afraid. so my daughter.

at least i have my charming girl to play with since there is SNOW forecast later today and all weekend. gr.

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