Saturday, February 06, 2010


Big Brothers have a profound influence on one's development.

i went grocery shopping yesterday because there was a strong chance of freezing rain and i didn't want to deal with ice. while i was gone #1 son texted me to ask me to buy bacon.

i didn't go to the store that carries nitrite-free bacon. i went to the closer store to get things done. i read every !@#$% package of bacon and they all had sodium nitrite in them.

i remembered while visiting PA my SIL had served johnsonville sausage and we had read the package; no nitrites! so i picked up some J'vil breakfast sausage.

the boys were happy. DH was happy. Lolly would not touch them.

until i told her they were zombie fingers.

then she picked up her fork and ate 3 whole (cut-up) zombie fingers. with glee and relish and saying "Zombie Fingers!" over and over.

what an imp. we do what we must!


kadyb said...

funny and sad at the same time. "Look Lolly, I'm a zombieeee!" :)

Kim said...


Anonymous said...
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kadyb said...

Uh-oh. You may have to start monitoring comments till the spammers go away. Bummer.

Gwydion's mama said...

Now that is hilarious!