Thursday, January 07, 2010

a bug bit me

so, lolly and i were tooling around the EE yesterday. the library was closed to move over the holidays and doesn't reopen until TOMORROW; when we showed up and the doors were locked lolly said "oh, no! what are we going to DO?" and i said, we'll go rent a movie. when we got out of the car at wally's to hit the redbox, she said "i want the other santa clause movie." so we headed for the back of the store to see if it was there. (she's been watching 1 and 2 in rotation, so 3 could only be a benefit for those of us who live here with her.)

oops. i bought a camera. it was $19 and doesn't zoom and probably isn't very many megapixels, but she threw away my old one (which was kinda new and NICE) in april and i'm tired of making do with the camera phone. we found Monsters versus Aliens for $10 packaged with a bonus monster featurette, which made her happier since all the christmas movies went back to the warehouse already.

i brought the camera home and went to find my AAA batteries; i bought a 20-pack or something before Christmas. whoever got one out got the only one, apparently, because NOBODY IN MY HOUSE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THESE BATTERIES. so now i can't take pictures until i buy more, and i don't WANT to, i already BOUGHT batteries! gr.

since finances are really tight right now (oil costs the earth, there's no work at christmas, and i spent the oil money on christmas), i felt i'd spent too much. so i went down the craft aisle and bought a $20 bundle of fabric. yes. let me say it again. it's aquas and pinks and chocolate BATIKS (swoon), cut into 2-1/2-inch strips. what's the point, you ask? i don't have to pick colors, i don't have to cut, I CAN GO HOME AND CREATE!

i'd been thinking about making a basket-weave pattern quilt, and thinking about what colors i wanted. when i saw these, i said YES! and lolly said PINK! and we took them home, got out the sewing machine (idle lo these many years), and sewed 50 strips into 25 strips, and 24 strips into 12 panels 4 strips wide. used two bobbins up. today we're going to cut these strips into 8-1/2-inch segments and put together the top of the quilt. whee!

and if my children hadn't lost my BATTERIES, i could post pictures. it's kind of random because lolly helped pick which strips to put together; i would have spent more time on that and been more "artistic," counted how many pinks i had and how many blues, and so on, but it's her quilt and it's kinda cool she helped.

so watch for the next battery post...

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Bethany said...

Yay for quilts! I hope you find your batteries soon! I'd love to see pics, especially knowing that you had so much "help." I love how the "helped" projects turn out - more character!