Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas cookies

the year #2 son was born (on Dec. 21), i baked thousands of cookies. literally. i think i counted two dozen gross (keeping track of dozens got tedious after a while!). i baked early and froze them, b/c i knew i wouldn't feel like baking as i got close to delivery.

since then, i've baked very little, and i've missed it. since i'm missing my christmas spirit, i resolved to BAKE this christmas! until my pants split. then i'll quit. yesterday i baked some cookies with ANDES MINT CHIPS, chopped up andes candies, by their recipe on the back of the bag. they came out yum! and there were a few left to put away, yes.

#2 son is in alt. he can't believe how many cookies i can bake. i've done ONE BATCH of 4 dozen, a relatively small number of cookies in my mind. we'll just hafta see how he handles the number i plan to bake - FAR FEWER, yes FAR fewer than i did in '99, but also far more than i have in his lifetime.


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MamaBear said...

in heaven/in ectasy. it's a phrase from regency romances, "in alt."

MamaBear said...

note: two dozen gross is 3456, and that still sounds about right. many WERE pan cookies, but that doesn't mean i didn't bake them!