Thursday, April 21, 2005


for those who don't know, I got my eyes lasered several years ago. I LOVE it! it makes me want to sing AMAZING GRACE - I once was [legally] blind, but now I see.

for the first year, I dreamed all the time that my vision had regressed to how it used to be (20/400 - rather bad). (The dreams gradually became less and less frequent.) I was paranoid and wouldn't throw away/donate my glasses until the 6-week checkup! but it works and I really love being able to see.

so, I can't remember, but it's probably been a year since I had one of those dreams. I had one again last night. weird! it might be because #1 son leaves his new pair of glasses (11/04) on my headboard every night when I read him his story... Gotta break that habit! I like being able to see, even in my dreams!

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