Wednesday, May 04, 2005

kids in church

taught sunday school this week. we're doing joshua, our part is leading up to jericho. he parted the waters, you know, like moses (i didn't; mo's don't focus on old testament). so we're making stepping stones. the teachers teach the same lesson three weeks (to three different classes) and are free. this is our third time teaching. we love it, learn every time.

one of the kids in this class is a bit rambunctious. okay, over-the-top rambunctious. had to settle him down a few times. after class, just before service, he comes past me (he's 9ish?) and kinda punches me in the shoulder. really rather hard. he's with his father.

so i go into sanctuary with da boyz. said kid comes in several minutes later and runs up, kisses my cheek, hugs me and says sorry. #1 son is all big eyes. i whisper (HE kissed ME, _I_ didn't kiss HIM!) cuz you know that's all against the rules. DS nodded, but he didn't like it; not my fault, but he didn't like it.

so we do communion this week (it's once a month). we're of the get-up-and-make-a-semicircle-around-the-preacher persuasion. mr. rambunctious is collecting used cups in a basket, following the person giving them to us, following the preacher who gives the bread. we had cautioned him that he'd have to be on his best behavior to take on this task. and he was! he was terrific.

so as he passes me, i squeeze his shoulder, and say "doing great!" he reaches up and squeezes the nearest thing. highly shocked, i grab his hand and smack it lightly. then spend the rest of my communion time berating myself for smacking a child - DURING COMMUNION!

after service, go talk to his parents. we're becoming friends; have visited each other's houses once. tell them. they are hysterical, dying laughing. i had been really offended at the moment, but realized on reflection that mr. R was just friendly squeezing the nearest thing to him, and did not mean for it to be the boobie. parents say they're glad they didn't see it; they'd have been terribly embarrassed. i'm saying, but i smacked your child - DURING COMMUNION! dad sez, smack him harder next time!

ah, youth. just a little trouble controlling impulses and our strength.

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