Wednesday, April 20, 2005

let's hear it for floobies!

nothing but pink will do for this one.

i recently posted i had been diagnosed with papilloma for my 35th birthday. well, when they went to look for it for a ductogram, or a fine needle biopsy, they couldn't find it. they ultimately did an MRI, which showed normal floobies. yay! i get to keep my floobies! (the new thinking is that the original symptom was caused by an irritated duct, which appeared like a papilloma on mammogram, but had cleared up by the time the MRI was done - four weeks later.)

anywho- let's hear it for floobies! I got to have my first mammogram the week of my birthday, and I gotta tell ya, I've heard some horrible things about mammograms. they pinch and they hurt and they're horrible. well, if your breast tissue is the opposite of dense (read: floobies!), I think it likely hurts less. the normal mammogram wasn't really much to complain about. the tighter one for the abnormality was ouchy, but not too bad - and I'm the girl with the low pain threshold who cries over everything!

(the attempt at fine needle aspiration was a lot worse than the mammogram, and that was probably BECAUSE of the floobies, but i digress.)

i'm back to myself again and feel like posting my deep thoughts once more. i'm sure you all missed me. now you gotta kiss me.

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