Thursday, December 15, 2011

catching up...

It's been a crazy mad semester. Yes, I'm measuring time in semesters again. Went back to school in January (if you missed it).

Lost 20 pounds in July/August. Not sure how. Took a family vacay to visit my family of origin in August. Began Fall Semester.

Won a scholarship. Got diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroidism. Became obsessed with intake and blood sugar levels, not that obsession had any effect. Meanwhile, studied Pathophysiology, Federal Rules and Regulations regarding Clinical Trials, and Statistics. Took many tests, some while experiencing the vertigo that my vestibular system hit me with, obviously convinced I was managing too well with what I was juggling already.

The house got more and more cluttered. But I got 3 A's in my 3 classes at the end of the term, which ended this week. I have 4 whole weeks to get caught up on everything. The thyroid med is finally kicking in and I am sick of sitting in front of the computer, so instead I am GETTING THINGS DONE. Yes, I am also in shock.

Skipping over Thanksgiving madness and dealing with vomiting kids while studying for and taking finals (online class, yes really). I am feeling pretty great about where I am and where I'm going, and doing my best to enjoy the process.

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