Monday, October 03, 2011

fabulous news!

I was too busy to pick up the mail Saturday, so I got it yesterday. Imagine my surprise to discover I had been awarded a scholarship! I applied, yeah, but I didn't expect to get it; my teacher encouraged us to apply and most of us did.

It's a scholarship provided by a local pharmaceutical company. Not only will it help out financially, but it will ALSO get my name in front of folks I'll be applying with after I graduate. So, super thrilled to have this!

The old lady's still got it! Just took my first test in the terrible Rules and Regulations class and it wasn't as TERRIBLE as I'd feared (and been told). It won't be long before I get to do other things I've been waiting on... but I'm doing my best to enjoy my time in school, because it ALSO won't be long before I'm looking back on these days fondly. :D

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