Friday, October 30, 2009

scared enough?

last week, little princess locked us out of the downstairs bathroom. the doors have locks with holes in the back side of the doorknob, but they're not pop-locks, and we couldn't unlock it. DH was in philadelphia and we just waited for him to come home. he had to take the knob apart, and we learned that a slim slot-head screwdriver would work great as a key. and we planned to go buy one to keep around.

today, i was working hard, and the kids kept slamming doors and shouting, and i asked WHAT IS GOING ON???!!!???

LaLa locked herself in her room and we're trying to get her out. Is she scared? i ask? VERY, they reply. then why didn't you ask me for HELP??!!??!! um, we thought you'd just know, because we were shouting. while i had a headset on - i can certainly tell they're shouting, but not WHAT they're SAYING!

ahem. so i disassembled the doorknob and let the frightened child out. is she traumatized? probably. will she do it again?

will she do it again? i don't even want to finish that thought. but i reassembled her doorknob with the lock on the OUTSIDE. and we'll HOPE she's scared enough. and we found a screwdriver that fits in the locks.

our house in lewisville, which we lived in for 6 years, starting over 7 years ago, had a bedroom with the doorknob lock on the outside, and we could NEVER FIGURE OUT WHY. now we know.


Bethany said...

If she's as much like Audrey as it sounds, she'll definitely do it again. And - she'll find it funny because you get upset about it.

I think I may have to go get one of those screwdrivers myself...

Gwydion's mama said...

Oh, we've been through that one more than once with Gwydion. I'm sorry she was scared. Poor girl. I hope she doesn't do it again. Good thinking on turning the knob around. It took us several incidents before we decided to do that.