Thursday, June 25, 2009


what a week! first ed mcmahon (a relief he won't have to shill for "Cash for Gold" anymore), then farrah (not unexpected, but so sad she didn't get to marry Ryan when she had finally said yes), and finally the shocker of the day/week/month - MICHAEL JACKSON!

i miss him when he was a man, before he became a caricature and a punchline. he was a genius of an artist, and he was planning a comeback in London next month. who knows what could have been? but his kids might be a little less abby-normal without the strange-man he had become, and i hear his oldest is also talented... time will tell.

but i am sad for his loss.

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Kim said...

Maybe I have just dealt with too much death in my personal life but with these three it was oh so and so died and I was done with it. I am not upset nor shocked.

My DH on the other hand was very shocked over MJ. He ran to tell his buddy who was oh that is too bad and told him some other celeb died LAST week. I can't remember who it was.