Thursday, June 11, 2009

first day of summer vaca

for the kids, at least; not me!

we got out to lunch to celebrate, and went to AC Moore to pick up the essential items for the family T-shirt. everyone got new drawing pads, and LaLa got a COLOR WONDER coloring book. she thinks it's pretty spiffy - and so do the rest of us. we're fighting over who gets to 'help' her color in her tinkerbells.

ordered a new phone so we'd have a "house" phone/text back and forth when i leave the kids alone for 30 minutes straight, and #1 son can take it with him when he's out.

and got ticked off at the rental agent who thinks he shouldn't have to WORK for his job.

i even got the kids to do some housework AND some educational exercises. now, if we can keep up our energy and manage to accomplish more than "maximum possible games of Farkle played with our summer," i'll be happy.


Bethany said...

Somebody got Audrey a Color Wonder book for Christmas and I probably colored in more than her! They are so cool!

Anonymous said...

They actually make blank paper for the markers too. For when they want to start drawing themselves