Sunday, March 22, 2009

orange chicken

we ALL love orange chicken. it's panda express' most popular dish. and it's no worse for you than most chinese/american cuisine. served over rice, it makes us feel virtuous! and it's so yummy!

well. thanks to my dear sister, i've learned how to MAKE the stuff, make it HEALTHIER, and far less expensive than ordering out. it isn't quick and easy, but it isn't hard, just a little labor intensive (but anything "breaded" is). everyone in my family inhales it and begs for more. it's all i can do to keep orange juice in the house and out of their glasses long enough to make it, but if i tell them i'm going to make this, they back right down and ask for water. hilarious.

of course, LaLa just loves the broccoli that i make with this, some days; others she eats all the chicken in sight and hoovers the rice as well. it makes a mother's heart happy when people eat what she serves with a smile and genuine gratitude. we don't ask much!


Kerry said...

Now you have me craving Chinese food!!! MMMM

stewbert said...

hehe.... ohhhhhhhhhh, I forgot to tell you. I tried it with just throwing the chicken cubes into the flour mixture, tossing it to coat, and left it there for a while (instead of the dipping process), and it was still yummy. Not quite as breaded, but delish ... and not so messy.

Gwydion's mama said...

and you make this wonder food, how? I'd settle for just the sauce, presuming I can use it on baked chicken. yum!