Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dirty Jobs

along the discover channel theme, we all love Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. recently, he made his 200th episode and delivered a special look back at all his dirtiest jobs. it was awesome. snakebit, up-chucking, dealing with poo - all the reasons we love to watch HIM do these things and talk about how we wouldn't do them for love or money. as Mike puts it, these are the jobs that make Civilized Life possible. and these are the people who do them.

he closed his show with a comment, What Was Left To Do to follow up 200 episodes???

and he answered: "I Quit." he cited the examples above as excellent reasons why he was DONE. No more. it made me sad. it made sense. it seemed an appropriate epitaph for the show. IT MADE SENSE. and he exited stage left.

and after we'd all had a few moments to wrap our minds around the concept of it all being over, and nobody could say he'd been less than fair, he returned. ARE YOU KIDDING? THIS IS THE BEST GIG I'VE EVER HAD!

now i'm just furious. i could handle him quitting much more easily than this TEASING! and the best gig he ever had? i hate to wonder what the rest of his life has been like!

will i still watch? yes. but will i trust him ever ever again? hell no.

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