Monday, November 24, 2008

i've had it

so my family has a "" webpage where we all meet and chat and keep in touch despite our geographic distance. it's mostly great. but my father has the alzheimers and thinks he needs to be a prophet and guide his family religiously before he meets his maker. it was bad enough when we were kids but now it's horrible.

so my first brother (#3 in the family, first son, just 2 years younger than me), who is the closest to religious nuthood to my father, posts a little humorous comment:

I called B------ W--- W---- to order takeout for lunch. During lunch, they have a special – ten wings, ten potato wedges, ten minutes, for a fixed price. I ordered two, boneless, with Parmesan sauce, and told them I didn’t care about the time limit, as I would arrive in thirty minutes to pick up my lunch.

I was put on hold. A different voice came on, and asked if I was D----, and did I really want two ten/ten orders. Yes. Put on hold again.

Different voice came on. “We can’t do that, the ten/ten is only for dine-in, not carry out.”

“Okay, but I don’t care about the time limit, I just want some wings and wedges.”

Put on hold again. Different voice came on. “Can I help you?”

I was just talking to someone, and they put me on hold.

“Oh, are you D----?”

Still was, last time I checked. I started laughing as she told me that they couldn’t do the ten/ten thingy, because that’s not available for takeout. “Do you still want to make an order?”

Do you really service takeout orders?


Then yes, I really do want to make an order.

“We can do 6, 12, 18, 24, 50, or 100.”

But not ten, and not twenty?


It's Tuesday, I thought that wings were .50/each today.

“They are.”

But I can’t have ten.

“No, 6, 12, 24, 50, or 100.”

Still laughing, I told her to please make me 24.

“Did you want anything else?”

Yes, I asked for wedges, too, please. Not really clear on what the options she rattled off to me at that point. I ended up with a basket of them, though.

I’m still laughing about it.

which he then followed with some other "too stupid to live" stories that have been circulating by internet. IT WAS A GOOD POST!

but my father - my father thought this an appropriate reply:

What a good bunch of laughs! Thanks for sharing.

What do they teach in school these days? Anyone? Do your kids know how many in a dozen, half dozen, gross, how many quarts in a bushel, peck, how many square feet in an acre, how many acres in a square mile?

I know. They teach the "new" math, computer logic, not people logic, political correctness, not courtesy, shun any mention of God, belittle anyone who believes that Adam and Eve and the world were created by God, that we should accept everyone, regardless of their beliefs, even if they are trying to kill us and destroy our Constitution, our nation, and our way of life.

What is this world coming to? Ruin, if we don't change our ways.We are part of the House of Israel, and have been given a mighty important charge to be the servants of Jesus Christ, and to show others how to follow Him.

May we be blessed in our efforts to do this, I humbly pray every day, in the Holy of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I SWEAR, that man will make me crazy! this is just an extreme example of how he reacts to EVERY post. doesn't matter the content, this is what he has to say. i seriously want to vomit when i read his posts.

i was choking back bile when i looked at this a little bit closer and had to respond (this is NOT done):

wow. first you laughed, then you made a cranky old man post. doom! doom! LMBO

>> Do your kids know how many in a dozen, half dozen, gross, how many quarts in a bushel, peck, how many square feet in an acre, how many acres in a square mile?

we had no need for the bushel, peck, or acre information WAAYYY back when _I_ was in school. they do not teach that now. DH knows the acreage stuff b/c it's part of his job.

and talking of belittling - just b/c you believe you're right doesn't mean that when you bust on others you're not doing the exact same thing. and that is truly what leads to DOOM, RUIN, and the need to change our ways.

mom taught us tolerance. it's much more useful. peaceful, too.

to which my OTHER brother (#2 brother, middle of the road conservative) replied:

I must say, Jennifer, that I don't believe your post has much tolerance in it, either.

and i blew a freaking gasket! i bite my tongue so much around there and it makes me nuts. everyone else feels free to express themselves regardless of anyone else's feelings, but i'm not b/c i don't agree with them. bleagh. so i replied:

the cranky old man part was meant to be teasing. that would be the lmbo part.

i really thought i phrased this in a somewhat tolerant way. but the fact that i have not made this post before now exhibits a LOT of tolerance every day. i'im tired of hearing doom prophesied. i'm tired of fearing to read certain posts b/c the content never varies regardless of to what they're responding.

and i'm tired of feeling like i can't say that b/c everyone will be angry with me. i know i'm not the only one who feels this way, at least part of the time. and (#3 bro)'s [least conservative of the brothers] political post with the comments made "we should feel safe to state our minds" made me brave enough to speak up.

i apologize if you did not think i did it gently enough. but enough is enough! and i'd love to hear others brave enough to admit they agree with me - at least part of the time!

can't wait for the fallout from this one!


stewbert said...

I don't think there will be any fallout ... hugs.

Alana said...

ahh.. why I am glad to have a small family..