Friday, November 14, 2008

on jobs

i'm a medical transcriptionist. i have worked in this career in one way or another for 17 years (yeah, go ahead and freak). i've been with my current company almost 11 years.

during that time, this has gone from being a GREAT JOB that i love and tell everybody about, to a job that pays the bills, to just a stinking job. economy hits everyone but since the big dogs bought my little company X years ago, it's really gotten worse.

every technological advance brings a cut in pay for me. every reorganization brings a cut in pay. every change (which has a cut in pay) is presented with "it's still the best job out there!" well, bull hockey.

the last straw was when they fired my supervisor last month. MY JOB IS SECURE, but i don't want to work for these folks anymore.

my sisters have both followed me into this profession b/c you can work from home. you need quick fingers, a sharp mind, and a talent for language; we all have that. younger sister recently (6 months ago?) left her company which showed a similar trend, and loves the new one.


TODAY I APPLIED FOR A NEW JOB. scary? oh yeah! hopeful? that too. if this doesn't work out i'll probably need to change career paths, and that's even more scary!

i should hear from someone about interviewing within the week, so wish me luck! and thanks for reading my verbosity...


non sequitur: my dad just posted that he stopped working at the prison 10 years ago this week. i feel like _i'm_ getting out of prison with this application. fingers crossed! wait, that won't work...

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stewbert said...

That is how I felt when I left the old company. I loved them when I got hired, then they were bought, and ... yeah. Out of prison. lol. I really do love the new company. :) Good luck!!!