Thursday, July 24, 2008

we have lift-off!

my stubborn baby has taken a step on her own! she has all the skills she needs except confidence and desire to walk. she wouldn't even stand for more than a couple of seconds without support. today (7/21) she decided she could stand up. and she took a step or two. she had a pickle in her hand, like dumbo's feather. she stood for a full minute! then she took two steps and sat down. but ON HER OWN, she stood BACK up. she's figured out she can do this, and there will be no stopping her!

(7/23) she'll "stand up like a big girl!" for me pretty much any time. but she won't take steps unless she feels like it. often enough to keep us all coaxing her, but infrequent enough that we don't get spoiled, lol! and if she's got something clutched in her hands, she's much happier and more willing to try. it is so fun watching her little legs tremble while she focuses on trying to take a step.

her newest thing is to stand up like a big girl, and CLAP! ever since she learned to clap we all say "Yay, LaLa!" whenever she does it. so she stood up and tried to clap, but fell down. had to practice some. now she claps every time she stands up so we'll cheer her.

she's also learned how to shake her head NO. and she points at what she wants and squawks until she gets it. who needs words? if i try to feed her and she wants something else or is done, she clamps her lips shut, and PUCKERS so i can't slip anything in.

we are all dying laughing around here. it's hard work entertaining us, she sleeps extremely well. some nightmares and occasional night terrors. but the days are all sunny when you're a baby - or a baby mama!

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