Tuesday, April 08, 2008

breakfast thoughts

i buy rye bread every few months for a treat. b/c obviously i LOVE it. i love rye toast with real butter. nothing like it.

only thing - i HATE CARAWAY SEEDS. almost as much as horseradish.

and i bought the wrong damn bread. so this morning for breakfast i just choked down a single slice of toast as fast as possible, and it's no damn treat! and i'm doing well to be only saying damn this morning!

*sigh* Wii will make it up to me later.

did i mention i finally found a Wii in the store? on Sunday? and it's running hot b/c it hasn't been off since? and yesterday i got EXERCISE from it? hm. how could i have neglected to do so - unless i was too busy PLAYING!

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Alana said...

yes I got your pix message. She is just like her Daddy!