Saturday, April 05, 2008

asthma and spring!

i am so freaking glad it's spring! with all of the colds we passed around all winter, my asthma got worse than it has ever been. i have asthma that is triggered by other events, and then has to be treated; i take a singulair pill every day that normally controls it completely.

#2 son and i had to go get inhalers a few weeks ago. he got 100% better very quickly - ain't it great to be young? i took it for a week before i noticed ANY improvement, and another week before i stopped feeling sick, and a THIRD week before i started feeling wellish!

the dr. said we should take these through cold season AND allergy season, and hopefully won't have asthma attacks next year.

however. now that my asthma has improved, i can sing Good Morning Baltimore without being completely out of breath! woohoo!

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