Saturday, January 22, 2005

tire store

ok, i'm grateful my van isn't smoking, as it's awfully close to 100K.

we drove to richmond last weekend. DH checked the oil prior to leaving, as we
really were due for the oil change already. he added a quart.

as we arrived home (DH drove straight through, as the kids were asleep), when we got off the freeway, we noticed a smell of burning oil. hoped it was the car in front of us, since it had just become noticeable. it wasn't. we pulled in the garage, and DH looked into the engine compartment right away. the oil cap had not been replaced tightly and had come off. fortunately, it was still IN the engine. so was a good quart of oil, all over the surfaces and smoking. so we didn't procrastinate the oil change any longer! i'd noticed a drop in mileage a few weeks ago and thought "I'd better get that changed!" oops.

whoever drove my van back out front after its oil change was SMOKING! i didn't see him, i only smelled my van afterward! i was furious! it's COLD and I had to drive with the window down to keep from gagging! it was a terribly strong smell. what would you have done?

DH had gone to get his tires rotated a few days earlier and found that he had belt showing through on two tires. our accident in layton seems to make the tires wear more quickly on the elantra. couldn't be his driving style! he's so unused to having passengers, he takes corners at top speed. until i was a passenger more often, i myself was oblivious to the need to drive differently when chauffering. :D

so our local tire store has gotten their share of our income this week. they rotated the van's tires, too, and now it's pulling to the right, so we have to go back. argh.

enjoy the cold. we've got our share of that, too.

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