Sunday, September 13, 2009

the best story

how could i have forgotten this one?

i went in my room and locked the door 2 days ago, then headed to the bathroom to do my business. LaLa HATES when we go in another room without her, and started yelling. a minute later, a little red head peeked around the corner with the BIGGEST smile you ever saw! "i DID it!"

my 2-year-old has learned to UNLOCK doors. they're the kind of locks you can undo with a penny or a thumbnail. she used a craft popsicle stick/tongue depressor.

when i came out, she showed me how to _lock_ the door with the popsicle stick, too.

i'm doomed.


Kim said...

Ahhh ha ha ha!!

Bethany said...

Doomed for sure! Haha!!

kadyb said...

And why isn't this story on the fam website???? (Hint, hint, hint) It's hilarious!

Gwydion's mama said...

Egads. That's hilarious! She is soooo smart.