Tuesday, February 10, 2009

google reader

yeah, call me lame and/or slow, but i just got this figured out and it's so awesome. i can keep up with everybody in one place and i don't miss out on special offers anymore.

now that i'm keeping up, i'm SHARING. just call me warm-hearted and generous, b/c i'm letting all of you mature audiences enjoy this from Eric Snider's blog. i know you'll want to bookmark it for your own.

not only that, but my darling unnamed relative shared THIS link, which will seriously drive you crazy. -ier.

so now that i'm more tech savvy, all my loyal readers (all 2 of you) will have just that much more entertainment in your lives.

you're welcome.


stewbert said...

hahaha ... I'm just glad the darn pop-up page ended. lol

Kim said...

LMAO yeah I found google reader awhile ago. I actually use my dashboard more often. Not that there is an issue with google reader, I just find my dashboard easier for me. Plug in the URLs and you get updates just the same as reader.

Now you know I have totally been pimping you out right??

stewbert said...

P.S. That WTF blanket commercial is hilarious. And so, so true.

MamaBear said...

i follow a couple of blogs that AREN'T on blogspot, so g-reader is great for me!

i appreciate your pimping for me, too. dangit, i'm too funny to be loved by only the few!

Kerry said...

That last link with all the pop ups is getting forwarded to my dad and FIL. Payback for all the crazy emails they've sent me in the past. hehe