Saturday, January 31, 2009

50 Questions "You've Probably Never Been Asked Before"

First thing you wash in the shower?: Pits
What color is your favorite hoodie?: Pink
Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?: ASAP - my precious darling LaLa!
Do you plan outfits?: yes
How are you feeling RIGHT now?: waiting for the caffeine to kick in

What's the closest red thing to you?: a red hat with purple feathers my mom gave me that i keep on my little teddy bear on my desk
Tell me about the last dream you remember having?: something korean. i only speak korean in my dreams so i don't really know what it was about.
Did you meet anybody new today?: No. i'm in my nightie, at home. i know all the people here.
What are you craving right now?: Krispy Kreme doughnuts. ... mmm... doughnuts!
Do you floss?: i resolve to, but i do not do it.
What comes to mind when I say cabbage?: coronary artery bypass graft
When was the last time you talked on Aim?: what is aim besides toothpaste?
Are you emotional?(Not emo): i suppress.
Would you dance to the taco song?: probably, if i knew what that was.
Have you ever counted to 1,000?: sure
Do you bite your ice cream or just lick it?: yes

Do you like your hair?: kinda
Do you like yourself?: yup
Have you ever met a celebrity?: just met Jill Conner Browne!
Do you like cottage cheese?: no, but my mom does.
What are you listening to right now?: Oswald on Noggin
How many countries have you visited?: 2 (outside of US)
Are your parents strict?: very
Would you go skydiving?: i've always wanted to; it's on my bucket list
Would you go out to eat with George W?: i rarely turn down a free meal but i would NOT enjoy myself.
Would you throw potatoes at him?: only if he started it.
Is there anything sparkly in the room your in?: besides ME? LaLa just came in
Have you ever voted for an American Idol?: i've never watched it, but i did watch Dancing with the Stars one season and voted lots for Emmett... mmm, Emmett!
Have you ever been in a castle?: several - the louvre, buckingham palace, some others as a gauche tourist
Do you rent movies often?: more now that i have a redbox again
Who sits behind you in your math class?: i used to sit behind matt fugal...
Have you made a prank phone call?: oh yeah
Do you own a gun?: no. nerf guns and cookie and filling guns in the household, but no "gun."
Can you count backwards from 74?: i can also sing the alphabet backwards
Who are you going to be with tonight?: the same people i'm with right now!
Brown or white eggs?: i do like the brown ones best.
Do you own something from hot topic?: i would have to know what that was...
Ever been on a train?: used to commute on the El in Philly; been on underground, metro, and taken Amtrak; total of YES
Ever been in love?: too many times
Do you have a cell phone?: i was the first in my family!
Are you too forgiving?: probably.
Do you use Chop Sticks?: only in Chinatown but i'm very good with them. snow pea greens!
What is your best friend doing tomorrow? hosting me for the Super Bowl!
Do you use ChapStick?: mmhm

Ever have cream puffs?: i love the mini ones from Sam's Club
Have you seen the Butterfly Effect?: still haven't gotten a round tuit.
What was the last question you asked?: Rich, can you remember the name of that modern castle we toured in England? (him: Was it Castle Drogo? or was that in a book... me: never mind, i'll put something nonspecific)
What was the first CD you ever bought?: Wayne's World soundtrack! mainly for Bohemian Rhapsody
Boys or Girls?: both
What is your bus # for school? LFIno - the kids keep track of those things for themselves now

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Kim said...

I totally ripped you off! He he he.