Tuesday, September 30, 2008

baby joy moments - kinda

my toddler has kept me awfully busy lately and i've hardly posted anything ANYwhere. so here's a glimpse into my life:

LaLa got up too early and has been tired and snuggly (aka mommy is NOT allowed to work) all morning. she's trying to figure out how to go without naps. it's not working, but she's very stubborn that she SHOULD be able to do so.

so i'm snuggling her and jiggling her up and down, holding her over my head and tickling her ribs. she goes all limp and snuggly against me for a few minutes then makes me start over. again and again.

and here i am soaking in the goodness of these moments, and loving her snuggly self, and just being on mommy cloud 9, thinking these are the moments i'll cherish and remember forever. (and i will.)

then a certain odor starts to waft. while i thought she was going limp and boneless with joy and love, it was prompted by a certain other biological function. which can be equally pleasurable, sometimes, especially to those of us with limited experience. still.

mommy love, or getting a good stinky-poo out? the world may never know which it really was.

[i had drugged her with Tylenol after she refused to settle again at 7 a.m., and she's been perky and happy since, except tired and has to be still intermittently. she's climbing from one armchair to the next and to the sofa without touching down, and is so completely excited that she is the first person to ever think of this game. i'm dying laughing at her today!]

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