Thursday, June 05, 2008


NOT mine. but my BFF, my matron of honor (and i was hers), married something like 15 years. and i don't know why - YET.

i'm in stunned disbelief. i have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach - that "this must be a joke" reaction followed by OMG, it's not. the last time i had this feeling was when my SIL had breast cancer. and i felt guilty when i realized that - THIS was a choice, while that was not.

but divorce isn't unlike cancer. it often hits unawares. and it uproots and displaces so many lives - and most of these people AREN'T choosing it. so my reaction is reasonable; dropping the guilt.

i just hope she gets through this stronger, and doesn't regret her choice.


Alana said...

I dont think anyone can understand but me. All I am asking of my friends is love and support even if you dont agree.

MamaBear said...

well, sweetie, you KNOW you have that!