Saturday, May 10, 2008


man, i have been coming way too close to living up to my blog title lately. what up with that, huh?

so chatting around about the duggers, who are freaking nuts btw, pregnant with #19 now. and found someone's comment about the russian peasant woman who bore 69 children in the 1700s:

That's not a woman, that's a uterus with legs!

ms. dugger shall hereafter be known as a uterus with legs. talk about addiction!

Happy Mother's Day!

*edit* yes, it's #18. my bad.
the Russian peasant lady did not have any single births. she had twins, triplets, and quads, and 67 of them survived childhood. talk about your Motherland!


stewbert said...

I thought it was #18. Still. Not healthy.

How the heck does someone birth 69 children??? Unless they were all multiples ... there just aren't enough fertile years ...

Alana said...

my ovaries shrivel up and die a little anytime anyone says Duggar